Why You Need To Hire A Professional Mobile Car Valeting Services?

Why You Need To Hire A Professional Mobile Car Valeting Services?

If you decide to go out and buy a pricey vehicle, you surely want it to last for long. Nobody wants to have a terrible looking car and that is why you have to take good care of it. Taking care of your car doesn’t just include washing the vehicle on a regular basis. It really needs a little time and effort to have the best looking car. A mobile car valeting service is what will help you preserve your purchase for a long time.

The value of a car is always assessed depending on its condition. Regardless of how expensive the car is, when it’s in a terrible condition it means that people don’t consider it to have any value. Getting a regular mobile car valeting service will ensure that your vehicle is given an extremely solid, protective layer that will prevent dirt and dust. Other things like intensive UV rays along with other environmental elements that cause vehicle damage can also be stopped from interfering with your vehicle.

By maintaining the sanitation of your vehicle, you can prevent long term issues. Valeting services come with phases and starting from your very first call, you could get a mini valet. This is a valeting service which helps to ensure that your vehicle looks its finest. It is usually recommended that you get a mini valet 2 or 3 times every year. For those people who would like to sell their vehicles, our recommendation is that they go for a mini valet so that their cars look excellent. The most wonderful thing about hiring a mobile car valeting agency is that you don’t have to be present throughout the service. The cleaners can come and clean your vehicle while you are elsewhere with your family. While you are having a great time your vehicle will be cleaned spotlessly and you don’t even have to leave your home.

If you’d like further info about our Mobile Car Valeting services, don’t hesitate to call us!

5 Tips To Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition!

5 Tips To Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition!

Now that the cold days are here; you surely need to devote some time and attention to your vehicle. It is the only way to ensure that you have a good time on those drives in town and outside. Above all, it keeps the car in a clean state, much like the one that mobile car valeting services can give you.

It’s one of the more taxing seasons that your car can go through. With the wind, rain, cold temperatures, it is no wonder that you need to step up your cleaning game. That is right, car valeting helps a lot, but you need to have a system in place for tackling everyday cleaning needs. Only then can you ensure that your vehicle will brave the toughest of weather.

Follow these tips to stay safe on the road and enjoy the trip with your car.

  • Give the vehicle a spring clean – don’t be mistaken: a spring clean is not meant to be done just in the Spring, despite the name. You need to focus on the tray area, just under the bonnet, along with the plenum chamber (below the windscreen). That is where debris may accumulate and block it up. Such a blockage can mess up the electronics of the vehicle, should any water seep through. You know well that it is going to cost you a ton, so be sure to prevent it.
  • Keep the windows pristine – clean windows in the cold days are especially important, so don’t spare time and resources on this. Whenever you are about to embark on a long drive, be sure the windows are all clean. Condensation is a common issue during the colder months, so make sure you run the fan to remove it. There is also need to address the thin dirty film that sometimes builds up on the inside.
  • Check the wipers – sometimes the weather has a mind of its own and will often challenge you with an unexpected wind, rain, snow and other nasties. For this reason, check the wiper blades for damage and replace them. You will need them in top shape. Be sure to switch the wipers off every time you switch the engine off. An overnight frost may stick them to the windscreen and blow a fuse if they aren’t turned off.
  • Clean the lights – with rainy weather all over; you can expect water to be present on the light covers pretty much at all times. The main issue is that LEDs don’t usually generate enough heat to evaporate the water. Do a quick wipe of that area before initiating your drive.
  • Check the battery – the importance of the car battery in the autumn cannot be stressed enough. Make sure the top area of it is completely dry and clean. Check the terminals: they should be connected tightly and exhibit no signs of corrosion. If the battery is older than five years, it may be worth it to replace it.

By following these tips, you can ensure your car is up to the autumn challenge. It takes some effort on your side, but at least you know that it will last you through autumn.

6 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean During A Road Trip!

6 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean During A Road Trip!

If you dread to even get close to your vehicle after a long trip, you must take some steps to ensure that it stays clean. If you want to enjoy a ride in your car, mobile car valeting services or at the very least going to the car wash should be part of your routine. You should also know that there are some steps you can take in regards to keeping the car in a presentable shape.

There is a lot you can do to ensure this is the case:

  • Start with a clean vehicle – before you get on the road, it is wise to give the car a good outside wash plus a thorough interior cleaning. That way you can enjoy the long trip better and also reduce the cleaning aftermath later on. If your car has become a mess at some point in the near past, you need to clean it. This will not only contribute to a better experience on the road but also set some expectations for your passengers.
  • Keep some important items on hand – there are some items you will need on a long trip, so it is important to get those before that. For example, some wastebasket liners go a long way in gathering trash between stops and saving you the effort of cleaning up a huge mess later. Disinfectant wipes will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning stains and accidental spills.
  • Set the food rules straight – ideally, you want to avoid eating inside the car, especially on the road. However, if that is not applicable (often the case with children), you can at least limit condiments and coloured drinks. These are really tough to clean up in case of a spill and can, in fact, lead to permanent stains.
  • Do frequent tidy ups – in order to prevent trash and clutter from accumulating, you can do some clearing up every time you stop. Fold up blankets, put away electronic device components and remove trash every time you make a stop. You will feel better about the vehicle when you start the trip again.
  • Leave dirt at the door – depending on where you are headed and where you are traveling through, your feet can accumulate a lot of dirt. It is best to knock your shoes before you get in as that will keep the car cleaner. Whether it is a beach or a dirt road you have decided to make a stop on, ensure you aren’t tracking any debris.
  • Hit a car wash on the way – this tip is mostly valid for the very long-distance traveler. If you get the chance, visit a car wash during your travels. It will free your vehicle from the unwanted dirt and make it beautiful again. You will feel better driving in a clean car.

These are the tips you need to follow in order to ensure your car stays clean on a long trip. Remember, when you reach your destination, you can always call for a mobile car valeting service.

6 Tips On Keeping The Car Organised And Clean!

6 Tips On Keeping The Car Organised And Clean!

Driving doesn’t have to be a bothersome experience, as long as you ensure that the vehicle you are in is well cleaned and organised. Well, this is certainly easier said than done, especially if you have children in the back seat and little to no free time to take the car to a car wash whenever it gets dirty.

Whether you are a busy mum or you just wish to keep the car in a presentable state for longer, you need to consider a few things in that regard:

  • Use baby wipes for surfaces – a weekly wipe off most visible surfaces in the car will hardly take you more than 10 minutes, but it is going to have a huge impact on how clean the environment inside is. Just use baby wipes for this job – they are cheap, available everywhere and really easy to use. They do wonders when wiping hard surfaces and accidental spills. Baby wipes are definitely a must have the item in your car.
  • Keep a trash can in – there are multiple trash can types of containers specially designed for cars now. If you have children or you just drive for long hours and keep bottles and snacks nearby, you will want a place to toss the trash in and such a container makes the best candidate. It saves you the need to toss everything on the back seat or under the seat and keeps clutter under control.
  • Clean the cup holders – the cup holders often accumulate a lot of spills and dust. Consider all of the coffee cups they have held and how much sticky grime may be accumulated in case of spills and splatters. What you need to do is take a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and thoroughly clean any sticky grime in the cup. You can also acquire coasters to place on the bottom so that there is some protection at least.
  • Use car organisers – car organisers are now everywhere – you can buy them at pretty much every car store, petrol station and supermarket. These are very nice in keeping your car well-organised and free of clutter. A car organiser can be placed in the trunk to keep all groceries, bags and sports equipment you use. Inside the car, you can hang one organiser on the back side of every seat, where bottles, toys, books, magazines and other items can be kept.
  • A document holder – if you don’t want to lose important documents inside your car, you should get a document holder. Insurance, contacts, registration and pretty much everything you need can be all in one place in a document holder, which you can keep in the compartment in front. Don’t keep the holder in the car though, just in case.
  • Keep food well-contained – one of the main reasons for splatters and spills in every car is food. Eating on the go may be practical, but dangerous too. You can avoid a lot of trouble if you get a sectioned caddy for all of your food needs. Place the food of your children in the compartments and hope that the odds of them not making a mess are in your favour.

By following these tips, you ensure that the vehicle stays well-organised and clean most of the time. Don’t think that you can get away without taking the car to a car wash or calling for mobile car valeting services though!

Mobile Car Valeting Ideas For All Car Enthusiasts!

Mobile Car Valeting Ideas For All Car Enthusiasts!

Lots of car owners like seeing their cars looking clean and sparkly at all times. Nonetheless, what many fail to understand is that this can be accomplished by regular and proper cleaning. A well preserved car will definitely serve its owner for a very long time while a badly maintained one will serve for a short time before it’s declared not road-worthy. It does not matter if one is getting their car cleaned at home or at the workplace, if the cleaning job is completed well, then the final result is going to be wonderful. Below are a few mobile car valeting guidelines to help car owners make the best car cleaning selections.

Cleaning the car interior

Before you begin cleaning the car, make sure that you eliminate any objects, any car toys, all litter and any empty ash trays. Make an inspection of your car to be able to tell the amount of cleaning work and the time required to accomplish the cleaning job.

After that, systematically vacuum the carpets and seats and get rid of any trash that might be in the shoe area. After hoovering, the seats will require some valeting too. Spray the car seats with an upholstery or rug cleaner and after that use a scrubbing brush or sponge to make sure that the cleaner gets absorbed into the furniture.

A water extraction machine will be required to take away all the dirty water and if water located in places where it’s difficult to access, merely use a micro fibre cloth. For tough stains, look for spot removers which are available on the marketplace.

Mobile car valeting is needed and to make sure that a car gets the best service, the above information must be taken into account. If you need to learn more, just get in touch!

5 Great Tools To Help You Organise Items In The Car!

5 Great Tools To Help You Organise Items In The Car!

Does it feel like you are driving in junk central every time you sit behind the wheel? This is often the case when you don’t stay on top of clutter and cleaning the vehicle, either by taking it to the car wash or working with mobile car valeting services. While it is true you can leave the latter in the hands of professionals, dealing with clutter is entirely up to you.

Thankfully, you are not alone in the quest for a well-organised vehicle. There are plenty of organising solutions that you can acquire on the market currently.

It is up to you to pick the most convenient ones and use them in your car.

  • Trunk organiser – one of the most common areas of the car that gets full of junk is the trunk. Many times you will find yourself placing all sorts of clutter there since you cannot just keep it with you in the car. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a real scenario in this case, but that is hardly ideal. Soon enough you will need to put luggage in the trunk, and you won’t be able to since there is too much clutter in there. Get a trunk organiser, which is an invaluable tool for keeping everything in place – from groceries to beach gear.
  • Pouches – chances are you have turned the console of your car into a go-to place for all sort of clutter. What you can do is use colour-coded pouches to keep stuff in one place. For instance, car documents, music, gadgets could all go in different bags, which you can easily access when you need.
  • Storage kit – did you know you can use a wicker basket outside your house too? If you cannot accommodate too big of an organiser in the trunk, maybe you can fit a single wicker basket in there. It still serves as an excellent storage solution for vehicles, ideal for keeping emergency supplies and tools.
  • Hanging organisers – if you often travel with children on the back seat, you will do well to consider a way to control the mess they make. Hanging organisers are the ideal pick for the job, as you can just put them on the back side of the seats and make full use of the extra storage they provide. They will prove useful during your supermarket run as well.
  • Simple plastic trays – if you are used to having a lot of odds and ends around in the car, it is a good idea to keep them in small trays. For instance, your glasses, coins and anything else you need during your drives can fit in small trays that you tuck near the gear shift or the side panel of doors.

Apparently, there are many solutions you can use to keep your car more organised and better suited. Sometimes all you need to do is call the mobile car valeting service, or just acquire the right tools for the job.

5 Important Autumn Car Care Tips!

5 Important Autumn Car Care Tips!

Autumn presents an essential time of the year when you need to pay attention to your vehicle. With winter knocking on the door and colder weather soon to hit, you will want to make sure your car is prepared for it. Mobile car valeting is nice and all, but there is more than that you need to look.

Following is a list of several things you need to inspect before calling your car ready for the chilly weather down the road:


  • Inspect the engine – as you begin your inspection of the vehicle, it is preferable to start with the engine. After all, this is the most important component of the car. A lot of things contribute to the proper work of the engine: antifreeze, oil, belts and various hoses should be kept at sufficient level and in top condition. Do not go long before changing the oil, as it will render the work of the engine ineffective. Depending on the type of antifreeze used, you can probably change it every 2 to 5 years. If you are not sure whether it needs to be changed, consult with a mechanic. While you are at it, have them check the belts for stress and hoses for any leaks.
  • Inspect the battery – batteries not having enough power to start the car is one of the most common problems that you can ever encounter. 4 and 5-year-old batteries are far more susceptible to cold weather. You can tell that is going to be the case if you have ever had trouble starting the car even in warm weather. While it is best to replace an old battery with new, you can further acquire peace of mind by carrying around jumper cables.
  • Replace the air filter – the summer might not have been easy on the air filter of the car. Pollen, dust and other particles have surely accumulated all summer long. And they could decrease airflow, but also limit horsepower and engine performance. Now is the time to give your vehicle a breath of fresh air. Thankfully, replacing the air filter is easy, as it needs no tools. You need no mechanics or mobile car valeting experts to do it. You can do it on your own in less than 30 minutes.
  • Check the tyres – you must invest some autumn attention must in the tyres. Inspect them to make sure they are inflated enough to meet the requirements of wet traction. If you expect to drive through snow, you will require snow tyres or even chains in more severe conditions. It is best to avoid driving in bad weather conditions that involve snow, but if you must, then be prepared.
  • Check washer fluid and wiper blades – wiper blades are good for about two years, after which period they should be replaced. While you are tending to the wipers, make sure you also stack on washer fluid. It tends to run low with all of the autumn grime and dirt on the roads.

Remember to pay some care and attention to your vehicle. It is the only way to ensure it is ready to face the challenges of autumn. Do not forget to keep it clean and you will surely enjoy driving a lot more.

How To Clean Different Types Of Car Seats?

How To Clean Different Types Of Car Seats?

If you use your car on a daily basis, you must know that proper care is required. Not just to ensure the vehicle runs and functions smoothly, but also to have a clean and sanitised environment. Visiting the car wash or hiring mobile car valeting services is a smart choice.

Regardless, you may have to pay extra attention to car seats, since technically they are the most used part of the interior. It is good to learn how to deal with this on your own so that you know the job is done right. To address the job properly, you must follow a different procedure depending on the type of fabric. Here is how to proceed with this task:

1. Fabric car seats – before you start, you must ensure the product you are about to use is designed for fabric seats. Read the label carefully and also test the product on a small inconspicuous area of the seats. That way you will know it will not discolour or damage the fabric otherwise.

  • Vacuum the debris – before you do any further cleaning, you must vacuum the debris first. You can either use your household vacuum cleaner or a handheld one to remove the debris from car seats. Use the opportunity to clean the other parts of the car as well. The goal is to eliminate dirt from the seats so that you can clean them effectively.
  • Get two buckets – fill one with hot water and the other with cold water. Add a little laundry detergent in the bucket of hot water. This will serve as your upholstery cleaner.
  • Scrub seats – grab a sponge and scrub each seat. Remember, the goal is to clean every inch of the seats, without getting them too wet! Once you have scrubbed enough, dip a towel in the cold water and use it to remove the remaining dirt and cleaning solution. Repeat till you reach a satisfactory result.

2. Leather and faux-leather seats – if the upholstery in your car is leather, you must treat it with extra care. Vacuum the seats frequently to ensure no solid debris accumulate. Besides, you must use a specialised solution. Follow these steps:

  • Vacuum the seats – much like cleaning fabric seats, you must ensure there is no solid debris on the seats before cleaning them properly.
  • Apply leather upholstery cleaner – don’t add too much of the leather upholstery cleaner and make sure you follow the instructions on the label.
  • Wipe the seats – use a moist chamois to wipe the seats gently. At this point, you must ensure the cleaning solution is removed thoroughly.
  • Let the seats dry – don’t use a hairdryer or anything like that to dry the seats. Open the doors and let them dry naturally. Ensure there aren’t any soap spots left behind.
  • Apply leather conditioner – now and then, you can use a leather conditioner which will keep the leather properly maintained and in top shape.

As you can see, car upholstery cleaning is not that difficult, once you know what to do. Hopefully, you can now take better care of your fabric and leather car seats.

A Guide To Detailing And Cleaning Your Car Like A Pro!

A Guide To Detailing And Cleaning Your Car Like A Pro!

If you think that your car doesn’t really need a lot of care and attention, you are quite wrong. Every painted surface needs to be properly cleaned and given a healthy glow. That is the only way to get your car in a presentable state and enjoy every drive with it.

While it is true that detailing your car as part of a DIY project is now easier than ever, there are still many fine details you shouldn’t ignore. If you ever feel uncertain, it is best to consult some experts or contact a mobile car valeting company. If you are feeling adventurous, you can follow some steps to deal with the task on your own:

  • Evaluate exterior and interior needs – a car needs care and attention both on the inside and the outside. Don’t forget that dash, rugs/carpets and headliners all have to be looked at, much like the hood, wheels and tyres. A car cleaning process should not be rushed because you have no coins for the local automated car wash or you lack time. It is best to address the vehicle in its entirety so that you feel okay about it when you are driving it around.
  • Use the air compressor – vacuum cleaning your car’s exterior is important, but you should know of this effective alternative – using the air compressor to blow out dirt and other solid particles stuck there. The rugs under the feet are usually the only line of defence against all the grime and debris stuck on your feet, so you will do well to blow the carpets with air, in addition to vacuuming, to ensure thorough cleaning. You can even use the air from a small compressor to address hard-to-reach places like air-conditioning ductworks. As a bonus, this will eliminate any musty smells.
  • Rely on non-acid tyre cleaners – when too much brake dust and residue is present on your tyres, you will find that people recommend using acid solutions. However, if you are doing the work on your own, you are better off using a non-acid product. The reason for this is that acid-based cleaners can in fact cause wheel alloys to pit and oxidise. The last thing you want to see is damaged wheels. Remember: it is always best to address tyres and wheels before doing any other cleaning tasks.
  • Hand washing is the best car wash – not only is hand washing way more thorough and effective than jet washing, but it also gives you the opportunity to inspect the car surface and see if there are any damages. However, it is best to go with a car wash solution that preserves the paint’s finish, and not clean with a simple dish detergent mixed with water. Always dry the car after washing to eliminate the risk of water leaving dirt and minerals on the car’s surface.
  • Use wax to protect paint – every new vehicle has a coat of paint, which looks great. However, that protective layer wears off over time, leaving the paint unprotected. Wax is an excellent choice for adding an extra line of defence against stains and scratches. There are currently liquid and paste waxes, and both work well. Professionals recommend using two coats in order to ensure there are no tiny areas left without protection.
  • Wax every season – in the period of waxing and cleaning, your car’s paint will pick up some stains and scratches. While it is true you can fix the issue with spray wax, it should not come as a substitute for waxing because a real coating is the only effective way of protecting your car’s paint.

By following these cleaning and detailing tips, you can ensure that your car looks great. Invest some time in them and you will immediately see the difference.

How A Car Valeting Service Can Help Increase Your Vehicle’s Value?

How A Car Valeting Service Can Help Increase Your Vehicle’s Value?

Cleaning the car is just one of those things which many vehicle owners do not look forward to. In these modern times where everyone seems to be consumed with work, friends and family, there does not seem to be time left to drop the car by the wash station. Fortunately, this problem is managed by mobile car valeting companies. There is no need to head outside and leave one’s work to find time to clean the vehicle. A mobile car valeting firm can restore a car’s look to its original condition, which will reflect positively on the owner. Here are a few benefits of booking valeting services.

  • Save time

Time is a key resource and many car owners know that they may lose a great deal when they drive down to the closest car wash station. Time often costs money, therefore numerous owners are forced to constantly put off having their cars cleaned. Mobile car valeting companies give the benefit of saving time as they’re able to go to the customer’s place and do all of the cleaning there. This allows the person to see exactly the type of service the business delivers. The customer doesn’t have to be there while the service is completed and that gives them flexibility to get on with other things.

  • Trained cleaners

A lot of people believe that cleaning a vehicle does not have to be accomplished by experts, but, if one aims for the top quality service, then it’s important that only skilled experts clean the vehicle. In fact, a vehicle is a huge investment and any damage to it may easily cost thousands of pounds. Car valeting firms have a team of knowledgeable and experienced cleaners who are able to use all types of equipment and agents well, making sure there will be no damage of all types to the vehicle.