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The Best Mobile Valeting In North Leeds!

The Best Mobile Valeting In North Leeds!

Our Full Interior car valet service is perfect for customers who have a particularly filthy interior which a simple vacuum and wipe through won’t solve. The interior car valet service is a deep clean of your cars interior leather, carpet upholstery and everything else within it.

Here is what an interior car valet includes:

  • Full Interior Vacuum – Including boot, sides of seats, glove box, side pockets, storage compartments
  • Full Interior carpet upholstery shampoo – Includes boot, seats, mats, underneath mats, side doors and everywhere else
  • Full Leather Clean & Feed – Includes seats, dashboard, side of vehicle, arms rests and everywhere else
  • Interior wipe through of plastics, dash, clocks, storage compartments, Coffee holders and everywhere else
  • Door sills cleaned and buffed
  • Interior windows and glass cleaned and buffed to remove dirt and smudges
  • Headlining cleaned

This is a professional service which should leave your cars interior spotless.

Who Should You Choose?

If you want to have the best results, you should always choose a mobile car valeter or a professional car wash to perform this service. Otherwise, you will be left disappointed as things will be missed and nothing will be cleaned properly. We provide a professional interior car valeting service which ensures that your vehicle gets the attention it deserves.

How Much Will It Cost?

See here for our interior valet price.